You can not build innovative products while working the old way. IT community suggests a lot of new approaches  - the only challenge is to know how to apply them in practice. We have achieved quite good results in it in our work. Now teach others how to do it.

Most often you will see us on stage together. We believe that when discussing product development, it is valuable to cover all sides of the topic. We are one of few co-speaker teams that do it.

past events

What to Build First: Goal-Oriented MVP

Agile Tour London 18 October 2019, London

Styleguide-Driven Development

DevDays Europe 14-16 May 2019, Vilnius

What to Build First: Goal-Oriented MVP 21-22 March 2019, London

What to Build First: Goal-Oriented MVP

ScanAgile 13-14 March 2019, Helsinki

Lean Implementation of Design Systems

Refresh conference 6-7 September 2018, Tallinn

What to Build First and Why: Goal-Oriented MVP

Agile on the Beach 11-12 July 2018, Falmouth

A Practical Guide to Styleguide-Driven Development

Frontend United 31 May - 2 June 2018, Utrecht

Styleguide-Driven Development

NDC London 17-19 January 2018, London

Styleguide-Driven Development

NDC TechTown 19-20 October 2017, Kongsberg

Defining MVP With Scenarios

Swanseacon 25-26 September 2017, Swansea

What's Next?

Agile in the City London 15-16 June 2017, London

Styleguide-Driven Development

UX Scotland 7-9 June 2017, Edinbourg

Defining MVP With Scenarios

UX in the City 3-5 May 2017, Manchester

Defining MVP With Scenarios

Booster conference 15-17 March 2017, Bergen

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